A Look at The Retreat, Blue Lagoon’s First Luxury Hotel

Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon welcomes its first five-star hotel, designed with a minimalist aesthetic and a strong focus on wellness.

Photo: The Retreat

Iceland, a Nordic island nation famous for the elusive Northern lights and the beautiful Blue Lagoon, has recently welcomed a luxury hotel called The Retreat.

As the hot spring’s first five-star property, the property takes full advantage of the iridescent geothermal water, which is said to be rich in minerals like silica and sulphur (purportedly beneficial to the skin).

Photo: The Retreat

Blending seamlessly into the natural beauty of the lagoon, the hotel is built on an 800-year-old lava flow on the Reykjanes Peninsula and features 62 suites.

Designed by Reykjavik-based Basalt Architects, The Retreat’s contemporary angular building fuses into the natural terrain, with each suite designed to reflect the textures and colors of the surrounding landscape.

Photo: The Retreat

Think: Wooden paneling, elegant light fixtures, furniture in deep grey. In the restaurant, spot a custom lava-based wall installation by Icelandic artist Ragna Róbertsdóttir.

Guests can expect to marvel at stunning vistas of the lagoon from the hotel’s floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy a dip at an exclusive section of the lagoon.

Photo: The Retreat

With wellness at its core, the hotel also offers full-fledged amenities including in-water massages, a cold well, a steam room, as well as a full-service restaurant serving local delicacies.

Considering how popular Blue Lagoon is, The Retreat looks set to give guests a sense of peace and serenity, far away from the tourist crowds.

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