A Must-See Exhibition at Bali’s John Hardy Boutique and Gallery

Uniquely upcycled textiles from Threadapeutic are sure to inspire visiting design enthusiasts.

Artworks on display as part of GIFTS by Threadapeutic.

Sustainability, innovation, and craftsmanship have always been at the heart of the John Hardy experience ever since the jewelry brand’s genesis in 1975. These core values are all apparent in the latest showcase at John Hardy Boutique and Gallery in Seminyak. Running until April 30, 2023, the GIFTs by Threadapeutic exhibition spotlights a Jakarta-based textile art studio that transforms fabric waste into one-of-a-kind pieces, all characterized by a playful juxtaposition of colors and rich textures.

Threadapeutic’s founder and creative director Hana Surya began her venture with an ultimately “happy” accident. When Hana mistakenly undersold a fashion designer’s tapestry as a tablecloth, she recreated it using the Faux Chenille technique, whereby layers of fabric are sandwiched together in parallel diagonal lines, before the top is deliberately cut open to reveal the layers below. This successful project gave the homemaker a new purpose. Assembling a team of fellow seamsters, Hana undertook an eight-year process to push the technique to its full potential, crafting collectible textiles using offcuts donated from both small- and large-scale Indonesian garment manufacturers. The results have been exhibited not just in the Indonesian capital but also overseas, in Paris and Tokyo.

No single Threadapeutic creation is the same: every month, the studio’s artisans experiment with unique shapes and color combinations based on the fabric offcuts they receive. Their eye-catching range of contemporary handbags, home goods, fashion accessories, and decorative tapestries diverts unwanted materials away from the landfill. Not only is this beneficial for the planet; all profits are channeled back to Threadapeutic’s local artisans to provide them with good living wages and train more artisans to make desirable, world-class products.

Threadapeutic’s efforts to reduce waste and contribute to the circular economy mirror John Hardy’s own commitment to minimize its environmental impact at all stages of the production process, as the brand seeks continual improvement in its own practices.

Depending on the timing, visitors to the GIFTS exhibition can join hands-on workshops to acquire new skills as they reconstruct fabric offcuts under the expert guidance of an artist and Hana herself.

For more information, visit johnhardy.com.

Details of a textile piece by Threadapeutic using the Faux Chenille technique.

Another corner of the exhibition space at John Hardy Boutique and Gallery.

This article was brought to you by John Hardy.

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