A New Travel Must-Have for Bibliophiles

The book captures the history of tourism in 12 of the region's most colorful cities.

Lavishly illustrated with period photos and antique maps, The Romance of the Grand Tour – 100 Years of Travel in South East Asia (Talisman Publishing) is a nostalgic exploration of the region’s legendary port cities during the colonial era. A director at Singapore’s National Heritage Board, author Kennie Ting retraces the steps of an East of the Suez Grand Tour that takes in old-world Rangoon and Singapore through to the Dutch East Indies cities of Batavia and Surabaya. If the Merchant Ivory team had ever written a travel guide, it would probably have looked a lot like this. —Daven Wu

This article originally appeared in the April/May print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Tour De Force”)

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