Air New Zealand Scraps Single-use Plastic from Flights

The New Zealand flag carrier has committed to removing single-use plastic products from its flights, including cups, lids, and plates.

Photo: Air New Zealand

In light of hospitality-related brands cutting down or completely eliminating the use of single-used plastic for the good of the environment, various airlines have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Air New Zealand recently announced at the Sustainability Breakfast in Wellington that it will be removing a further 14 single-use plastic products from its flights over the upcoming year. These items include plastic cups, lids, plates, as well as plastic bags.

Earlier this year, it had already removed 3000 straws, over 7 million coffee stirrers, as well as half a million eye mask bags and toothbrushes from its lounges and aircraft.

Supported by the country’s Ministry for the Environment, these changes are part of a wider program aimed at reducing the airline’s use of plastic.

Currently, the New Zealand flag carrier burns through more than 25 million of these plastic items a year.

Passengers can expect to see these items replaced with low impact alternatives and reusable options on flights within the next 12 months.

Air New Zealand’s Head of Sustainability Lisa Daniell said: “We know these are small steps but given our scale, they do result in a significant amount of single-use plastic being avoided.”

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