Air New Zealand Unveils New Livery

Above: All new aircrafts entering the Air New Zealand fleet will have their tails painted black.

Black is in, at least as far as Air New Zealand is concerned. The airline is investing in a new livery, with the tails of all new aircrafts painted black and the lettering of the name modernized.

“Our iconic symbol, the Koru, will remain but it will be set within our national color rather than the blue and green tones on our tails today. Alongside this change we are introducing a new lettering style for the Air New Zealand name, which will adorn all our new aircraft. This will also be rolled out across all our signage and communications channels by the end of the year,” said the CEO of Air New Zealand Rob Fyfe.

To create the new lettering, the airline collaborated with a Kiwi typeface designer Kris Sowersby and brand design company Designworks.

Sowersby said, “The Air New Zealand lettering has remained relatively unchanged for the past 20 years, but the airline has undergone significant cultural and reputational change. The challenge was to develop a new style which retained the history and credibility while injecting a new sense of momentum and modernity.”


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