AirAsia Malaysia Brings Back Fuel Surcharges

The carrier has had to respond to the skyrocketing price of jet fuel driven by Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Photo: AirAsia

For the first time since 2015, AirAsia Malaysia has reintroduced surcharges for all its domestic and international flights to offset the escalating price of jet fuel, which has exceeded US$120 per barrel. The extra charge will be applicable for new flight bookings, and tickets bought prior to yesterday (March 8) will not be affected. Passengers flying domestic routes now have to fork out an extra RM 10 (US$2.40), while those booked on the carrier’s international services will pay between RM 25 (roughly US$6) and RM 60 (about US$14.30), depending on the length of the flight.

Routes Fuel Surcharge
RM USD (approx.)
Domestic (within Malaysia) 10 2.40
International (1–2 hours) 25 6
International (2–3 hours) 35 8.40
International (3–4 hours) 50 12
International (>4 hours) 60 14.30

AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat said in a statement, “Airlines the world over are affected by the rising oil prices, and the continuous upward spiral caused by the situation in Eastern Europe and other external factors have made it imperative for us to reintroduce the fuel surcharge, despite our best efforts to resist it for as long as we could.”

The airline boss added that AirAsia had been absorbing past increases in oil prices with the aim of providing the best value to customers. “Unfortunately,” he explained, “the current situation where the oil price has shot up more than 160 percent compared to what it was in 2015 has made it no longer sustainable.”

Senior executives at AirAsia hope this will only be a temporary measure. The Malaysian low-cost carrier first introduced a fuel surcharge in 2005 and abolished it in 2008, before bringing it back in 2011. In 2015 the jet fuel price was at its high of US$78 per barrel, but AirAsia decided to remove the fuel surcharge as soon as the price went down to around US$48 per barrel that year.

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