Airlines Get In On the Apple Watch Buzz

As Apple fans await the launch of the Apple Watch, airlines are racing to be part of the buzz, creating apps for the new wearable piece of technology intended to simplify air travel. As the official launch partner of the wristwatch, American Airlines stands out as the forerunner of the race, announcing that its version will let users check in from their Apple Watch, track their journey while in the air, and receive real-time updates on departure times, gate numbers, flight statuses, baggage claim carousels, and connection details.

British Airways has also gotten on board, announcing that its app will be available on the day of the watch’s launch. The app will provide details including flight numbers, flight statuses, countdowns to departure times, and the weather at the destination, all easily flipped through by users simply swiping right. As a pleasantly hospitable touch, users will receive welcome messages at Heathrow’s terminal 5 as well.

In the Middle East, Emirates will be the first airline in the region to develop an app for the anticipated wristwatch. Like the previously mentioned versions, the Emirates app will allow users to access up-to-the-minute flight information with the added benefit of reviewing not just the current trip but also all upcoming trips in either English, French, or German.

Down under, Qantas has joined in on app development, revealing that its app will ease air travel in a similar way as the other apps—providing the latest flight information. Over in the U.S., Delta and United Airlines have also revealed their developments on apps, both of which will allow users to access their boarding passes on their wrists.

The Apple Watch officially launches on April 24, with pre-orders beginning on April 10.

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