Alison Gilmore’s Top 5 Travel Trends for 2016

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Luxe cruise operator Silversea offers 10- to 18-day adventures to the Antarctic aboard its Silver Explorer ship.

1. Cruises
“For a long time, I couldn’t think of anything worse than being on a boat for a week. But I’ve now done two cruises, in the Antarctic and the Arctic, and loved them both. You still get your luxury, your nice cabin and great dinner, but then you also get off twice a day to do expeditions and have limited-access experiences. And it’s not just me testing the waters—it seems that all types of cruises are having a second wave of popularity.”

Is Cruising for You?
“There are boats that go around the coasts of China and Vietnam for four or five days, stopping in the harbors. These short, small-boat cruises are good tests for people who want to see whether they enjoy cruising.”

Where to Go
“Antarctica is wildly popular, but there’s a two-, sometimes three-year waitlist to go. For other options, Yangtze River cruises in China are quite hot, and for Asian travelers, so are river cruises in Europe, especially along the Rhine. We always see Germany as a big European powerhouse and forget that the country has some really stunning scenery.”

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