Alison Gilmore’s Top 5 Travel Trends for 2016

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Brazil's Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas gives guests exclusive access to the amazing Iguassu Falls.

2. Brazil
“With people the world over traveling to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics, Brazil is set to be an even bigger travel destination than it already is. Rio is undoubtedly a must-visit city, but there is also much more to this diverse and beautiful country.”

Where to Go
“The Iguassu Falls lie in a national park of rain forest teeming with unique flora and fauna. The only hotel within the park is the Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas where guests are offered access to the waterfalls before the park officially opens each day. Alternatively, Ponta dos Ganchos is a private paradise on a secluded stretch of Southern Brazil. This relaxed rain forest retreat is on its own peninsula, fringed by tropical trees and oyster farms.
“Somewhere I just stumbled across, though, is Paraty. On the road between Rio and São Paulo backed by mountains, it’s just the most gorgeous little Portuguese village from the 17th century. Brazil is full of places like this.”

On Zika
“Zika has been around a lot longer than people think, and it’s not on the news as much in Brazil as it is in the rest of the world. Sure, there’s reason to be nervous, but there are precautions to be taken. I actually find that at the top end of the travel market, travelers are unlikely to be discouraged of going somewhere, which is great because Brazil is a fabulous country, and in the wake of Zika and its political scandals, it needs us more than ever.”

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