Aman Resorts Unveils Wellness-inspired Skincare Line

Crafted with natural ingredients, the collection of 30 beauty products are nourishing yet luxurious.

Photo: Aman Resorts

Short of whisking themselves away to an Aman resort, weary urbanites can now seek refuge in a whole new range of wellness-inspired beauty products developed by the luxury resort and hotel chain.

Launched on its 30th anniversary, Aman Resorts’ new skincare line takes after the holistic spa experience that the brand is known for. The carefully curated collection of 30 products include serums, creams, masks, body oils, milk baths, as well as pulse-point remedies, each one beautifully sealed in sleek black vessels designed by architect Kengo Kuma.

Categorized into three “pathways”, namely grounding, nourishing, and purifying, the products harness the healing qualities of natural ingredients sought from the brand’s exotic destinations. Think: sea buckthorn oil from Bhutan, Amazon plant-oil butters, vetiver from Bali, as well as rainforest muds and homeopathic metals.

Photo: Aman Resorts

Chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin notes that the brand’s venture into beauty was an organic process: “Aman has always delivered a transforming and holistic spa experience, one made all the more profound by the meditative yet dramatic surroundings of our resorts.”

“As a pioneer of resort spas, we are experts in the field of wellness. Creating a bespoke range of skincare products was a natural step in our evolution and is born of many years’ experience and research.”

The beauty products can be purchased via the Aman website, as well as at their resorts, allowing travelers to bring the luxurious spa experience home with them.

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