An Interactive Dining Experience at One Farrer Hotel

An extensive menu with a long list of delicious dishes may be part of a restaurant’s appeal, but Singapore’s One Farrer Hotel & Spa is pushing the limits of a traditional dining venue further with a new dining experience introduced earlier this month. At the hotel’s Escape Restaurant, not only are a selection of local and international cuisine available for 24 hours every day, guests are also offered an open-format interactive kitchen setting, where one can see directly see the chefs in action. From the restaurant’s own version of the chili crab, a local delicacy, to other culinary delights such as Chinese, Japanese, and Indian food, diners are also given the option to make special requests to their dish of choice, giving them the experience of having their own personal chef.

“We conceptualized the interactive dining experience to extend One Farrer’s unique and personalized hospitality to yet another major component of the hotel, where we moved the entire kitchen into the dining area, going far beyond the usual active cooking stations,” says Richard Helfer, chairman of One Farrer Pte Ltd. “By eliminating the barriers between chefs and diners, we are able to create an environment that allows us to prepare, in front of them, an extensive and varied menu, assuring a high level of freshness, and quality.”

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