Anantara Chiang Mai Launches Cannabis-Infused Menu

The latest offering at spy-themed restaurant The Service 1921 seeks to introduce guests to the dietary benefits of the plant in a safe manner.

Deep-fried seabass with crispy cannabis and cannabis tamarind sauce, one of the signature dishes on the new menu at The Service 1921. (All photos courtesy of Anantara Chiang Mai Resort)

While cannabis remains illegal across much of Southeast Asia, Thailand’s recent move to decriminalize most parts of the marijuana plant has meant that locally cultivated cannabis is making its way onto fine-dining menus. Chefs at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort have now come up with a new menu incorporating the highly nutritious leaves that come packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that cannabinoids are not found in their mind-altering active form in the raw leaves, which means diners can enjoy the health benefits of the plant without experiencing any of its psychotropic effects.

Anantara guests will find the cannabis-infused dishes at The Service 1921 Restaurant and Bar, housed in a century-old heritage building that once served as Chiang Mai’s British Consulate. Following its restoration, the centerpiece of the urban resort was reimagined as a fictional den of British Intelligence (pre-pandemic menus were presented in Manila folders stamped with the word “confidential”). The new menu features signature dishes such as deep-fried seabass with crispy cannabis leaves and cannabis tamarind sauce, while the controversial ingredient is also ground and folded into a spicy lime sauce to accompany grilled river prawns, and mixed into a shiitake mushroom soup to be served with braised pork spare ribs.

Several cannabis-based drinks are also on offer at The Service 1921. These include Instagram-worthy creations such as H.I.D. (Hemp in Distiller), a blend of fresh cannabis leaves, Monsoon jasmine tea, pandan leaf, dried orange, and chamomile tea. Served with chocolate cookies, the Genmaicha Hazelnut Latte features cannabis powder and raw marijuana leaves. Patrons can cool down on the veranda with a refreshing glass of Cannabis Fizzy, which mixes cannabis syrup with soda, apple nectar, pineapple and lime juice, and comes garnished with a cannabis leaf for a risqué touch ⁠— not at all inappropriate for a stylish, spy-themed restaurant.

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The Genmicha Hazelnut Latte incorporates cannabis leaf and powder.

Grilled River prawn with spicy lime cannabis sauce.

The Service 1921 occupies a heritage building that is the centerpiece of the Anantara Chiang Mai.

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