Book Luxury Hotels By the Minute With the Recharge App

Users can book rooms in five-star properties such as The Surrey and The Pierre.

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Booking hotel rooms by the hour is no longer a novel idea, although it has quite the reputation thanks to various illicit reasons.

However, an on-demand mobile app called Recharge app is out to change that perception by targeting affluent customers and allowing them to book high-end hotel rooms by the minute.

The app lets one pay for what they use at luxury hotels including W New York, Taj Campton Place, The Pierre, and the Westin San Francisco. Simply start by searching for a hotel within your proximity, and clicking on the “book now” button. Billing starts when one checks in or after 30 minutes (if one has yet to check in) and ends when one checks out.

Users are charged the exact number of minutes spent in the room, with rates ranging from US$0.83 to US$2 per minute, with no minimum time requirement.

Photo: Recharge

If you fancy a power nap or a quick rest after exploring the city, this app does sound like a great idea as you’ll definitely wind up paying less than a night’s stay in one of these properties.

For hoteliers, selling rooms for small pockets of time can be logistically challenging and apps like Recharge can help them maximize their unused rooms.

David Lewin, sales and marketing at Hyatt Hotels, said: “There’s a significant part of the day where the rooms are empty. Most business travelers leave early in the morning, and a lot of them don’t come until late at night, so that time in between is really where Recharge became an interesting thing to consider.”

While the Recharge app currently features hotels in San Francisco and New York, it could soon find its way to other parts of the world.

Other similar services include, which offers more than 4,000 hotels, including three to five-star properties, across 22 countries; as well as, which has a presence in the United States, London, and Paris.

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