Changi’s New Air-side Transit Hotel Opens

  • The library lounge at Aerotel Singapore.

    The library lounge at Aerotel Singapore.

  • The hotel features an outdoor pool with a pool-side bar.

    The hotel features an outdoor pool with a pool-side bar.

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Changi International Airport this week welcomed the opening of Aerotel Singapore, a new air-side transit hotel at the airport located near the boarding gates at Terminal 1. Developed by Hong Kong’s Plaza Premium Group, an independent airport lounge operator, the property is the group’s first Aerotel-branded facility, featuring 70 rooms with 3 room types. It is dubbed as the only transit hotel in the world to come equipped with the luxury of an outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a pool-side bar, allowing travelers to fully relax in between flight schedules. Along with free Wi-Fi, guests are also offered a selection of pillows, bathrooms with power showers, and a range of other amenities. The property is accessible 24 hours every day, with rates conveniently based on a six-hour block that starting from US$39.

“Aerotel Singapore is our first airport transit hotel which meets the demand of transit passengers by promising a comfy airport accommodation, convenient booking hours, bringing them a brand new home-away-from-home experience in Changi,” said Song Hoi-see, founder & CEO of Plaza Premium. “By offering a first class Aerotel service but at economy prices, we are confident that this wonderful facility for transit travellers will also help improve the load factor and yield of airline flights using Changi Airport as their transit hub.”

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Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Aerotel Singapore as the Changi Airport’s first air-side hotel.

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