Checking In at Luna2 Studios

  • The Luna2 Studios lobby.

    The Luna2 Studios lobby.

  • Lunaplex movie theater shows three films daily.

    Lunaplex movie theater shows three films daily.

  • The white latticework of Orbit restaurant.

    The white latticework of Orbit restaurant.

  • The Sunset Studio at dusk.

    The Sunset Studio at dusk.

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Luna2 Studios brings owner, architect, and designer Melanie Hall’s cosmic design concept to new heights with just 14 open-plan studios

By Rachel Will

With a discreet beachfront location in Bali, Luna2 Private Hotel made waves in 2007 debuting as an all-inclusive residence with a visionary pop art design. The property is the pet project of owner, architect, and designer, Melanie Hall, who launched her second Luna2 property amid the snaking streets of Seminyak this year. Now, tucked behind the original property, Luna2 Studios brings the cosmic concept to new heights with just 14 open-plan studios. Contrasting the habitual Balinese design characteristic of the island, this Design Hotels member distinguishes itself from the outset with neon-tinted windows and a striking geometric façade.

Luna2 studio architecture 1

The Look: Luna2 Studios takes a clean, minimalist canvas and injects it with a rush of color. From the white latticework of the lobby to the unadorned corridors, sudden bursts of primary color and modern takes on pop art set the design apart. The thematic elements of the design do get a bit jumbled at points, from outer space semantics to Pan Am touches and Monopoly monikers for rooms. Hall does manage to blend the elements into a cohesive design, injecting her Luna2 mantra in everything from the custom-made couches to the bespoke bubble print rugs throughout the hotel. Guests will also delight in the aquatic realization of Mondrian’s Composition created from thousands of glittering Bisazza mosaic tiles on the floor of the pool.


The Rooms: Luna2’s studios each feature a vivid accent color (either blue, red, yellow, or green) and an inventive mix of Warhol-inspired decor and futuristic furnishings. Bali-based artist Irene Hoff created the striking superhero mash-up paintings found in-room, with Monopoly references and Rubik’s cube stools continuing the playful vibe. Bathrooms are decked in the signature bubble patterns found on the exterior of the building, while Paul Mitchell goodies and cheeky condoms add to the amenities. While each room is equipped with an excess of the newest technology, from flat-screen TVs to preloaded iPod docks with the latest Luna tunes, it is the kitschy Brionvega TV with wireless headphones that inserts an element of nostalgia into space.

10 Red grand studio - circle of love, playmobil & bed

The Appeal: In the basement of Luna2, guests will find Bali’s only private club, pop!. Decorated in shiny metallics and deep purples and pinks, the club hints at Studio 54 flair. Also occupying the basement is the Lunaplex theater, screening three movies a day and serving up bling dogs or gourmet hot dogs on the weekends. Orbit restaurant, opposite the lobby, is headed by chef Brendan Peace, who sources fresh produce from the volcanic slopes of Mount Batur. While the boutique space does make the most of its limited real estate, a dedicated spa and gym are noticeably not included, though staff will arrange a massage or yoga class as alternatives. Luna2 draws on the concierge-style service expounded by its private hotel predecessor, and the motto that “no request is too tall or too small.” The hotel will gladly jump at any request, but do expect to be billed for anything extra beyond its starting rate of US$450.

16 pop! lounge bar - DJ to bar counter

The Surrounds: Luna2 claims prime real estate just inland from Seminyak beach, but is also secluded from the bustle of nearby nightlife. The Anantara hotel is a close neighbor, along with the always-happening Ku De Ta and Potato Head beach clubs. Just 30 minutes from Bali’s international airport, Luna2 offers VIP transfers whisking you through security and into their eye-catching Lunamobile with chilled champagne on hand.

For those in the know… Sick of the gawking tourists and sarong sellers descending on Bali’s beaches? The Luna2 staff will happily clear the beach for your party to enjoy a private Seminyak sunset.

Jalan Sarinande No. 20, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia; 62/361-730402; Luna2 Website; studios from US$450

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