China’s Invisible Man On Show in Paris

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The Parisian arm of Galerie Paris Beijing has opened an exhibition of the latest work by Shandong-born artist Liu Bolin. Liu began his photographic project in 2005 after his studio in Suo Jia, Beijing, was demolished by the government. Since then, his rise has verged on the meteoric, with solo shows in New York, Beijing, and Paris. His painstaking process requires him to stand stationary for a day while he is painted into a scene—a broad canvas ranging from the iconography of Chinese communism to everyday vignettes of globalization. The resulting photograph stresses the ambiguity of whether or not Liu is hidden beneath his subject matter, questioning individual notions of agency and identity. The artist himself, however, says that his intention “was not to disappear in the environment, but instead to let the environment take possession of me.”

Through Mar. 9;  54 rue du Vertbois, 75003, Paris; 33-1/4274-3236.

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