Contact Lens Relief for Travelers

Frequent flyers understand the woes of traveling with contact lenses. Imagine trying to get your bottle of solution out of the overhead bin along with your case, traipsing to the bathroom, and performing a cautious solution-pouring ceremony on the abbreviated, turbulence-riddled sink. And finally, removing the lenses and carting the whole thing back to your seat.

Polaroid Contact Lens Solutions has resolved awkward contact lens moments for the traveler with disposable, sterile, pre-filled contact lens storage cases dubbed Contactspod. The compact cases contain a hydrating, multipurpose solution creating an airtight seal to keep lenses hydrated and safe for up to 24 hours.

Polaroid has partner with WHSmith Travel Stores to sell the product in 100 travel outlets, including railway and airport terminals where it will be sold at around US$5 per case. The product is predominantly available in the UK, but eager users can also find it online.

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