Coronavirus: Flight Attendants Around the World are Helping Out at Hospitals

Their skills are now being valued at hospitals needing to fill the manpower gap.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

With airlines grounding planes in response to travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, flight attendants around the globe are being temporarily laid off. But that’s certainly not the end of the road for these cabin crew members, whose skills are now being valued at hospitals needing to fill the manpower gap.

In the Lion City, Singapore Airlines will provide about 300 “care ambassadors” to help out at the local hospitals as the country’s COVID-19 cases continue to rise. These ambassadors will be supervised by nursing staff and help provide administrative support and attend to patients who require medical care in a non-clinical role.

Meanwhile, cabin crews from SAS Scandanavian Airlines will be utilizing their existing medical emergency training to learn how to “best how to take care of patients to relieve the hard-working heroes in healthcare.” According to the airline, one flight crew underwent training at Sophiahemmet hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, while other crew members in Norway are also gearing up to help.

Flight attendants from EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic in the United Kingdom have volunteered to help out at new National Health Service (NHS) hospitals, which have been set up especially for coronavirus patients.

EasyJet said that these crew members will help perform clinical support roles at the NHS “Nightingale” field hospitals that are being built in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. Tasks include changing beds and helping to make coronavirus patients feel more comfortable.

Virgin Atlantic said its crew members will also perform clinical support roles, wih the staff and volunteers working at the new hospitals offered free accommodation and meals.

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