Crowd Fund Your Dream Vacation

  • Trevolta uses crowd-sourcing to help fund travel.

    Trevolta uses crowd-sourcing to help fund travel.

  • The Trevolta founders clowning around.

    The Trevolta founders clowning around.

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Launched just one month ago with a simple landing page, Trevolta, a crowd-funded travel website, received more than 400,000 queries for early access to their site that aims to sponsor users’ travel dreams. Trevolta uses crowd-funding similar to the popular platform Kickstarter to create visibility to fund extraordinary travel ideas. Once users are granted access to the site they can create a page for their project, including a description, team members, funding needs, and video pitches. Projects can adopt a marketing slant or a social awareness mission depending on the vision of the pitch, though the Trevolta team suggests that over-the-top, adventurous trips and those inspiring meaning in other people’s lives will get the most traction. Like Kickstarter, friends and families of the wanderluster can donate directly through the platform, while organic visitors to the site can also stumble upon missions that they want to contribute to. At the moment, a select batch of 30,000 users have been given access to the site to craft their pitches, with gradual access granted to the masses. The first round of grantees will be announced this month, so point your browser to Trevolta and start dreaming up your greatest travel adventure.

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