DestinAsian Wins 2016 SOPA Award

"Secrets of the Sulu Sea", from the August/September 2015 issue

“Secrets of the Sulu Sea”, from the August/September 2015 issue

Jakarta, June 16, 2016—Two years after clinching the honor, DestinAsian has once again been handed the Award for Excellence in Lifestyle Coverage by the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA). The occasion marks the 14th time the regional travel publication has been recognized by SOPA at its annual Awards for Editorial Excellence, adding to a collection of more than 40 international awards won by the magazine since its inception in 2001.

Publisher Ronald Liem was thrilled to receive the news. “It is really an honor to be recognized again by our industry peers for our editorial quality,” he said. “In this digital age, where there is an enormous amount of content out there, we worked even harder to excel in what we produce.”

At this year’s SOPA awards, a record number of entries from across Asia competed in 18 categories. The selection process was made by an international panel of more than 100 judges, including journalists and editors from leading publications as well as notable academics.

DestinAsian was recognized for three feature-length editorial stories, all of them involving cruises in Southeast Asia. These include “The Life Aquatic”, an account from Cambodia penned by editor in chief Christopher Hill; “First Footprints”, Kendall Hill’s narrative of his voyage through the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar; and “Secrets of the Sulu Sea” by Johnny Langenheim, which documented his journey to remote corners of the western Philippines.

SOPA judges praised the submission as a whole, saying that it “gave the reader a sense of the people of the area by putting them centrally into the narrative rather than having them as bystanders.”

Editor in chief Christopher Hill said, “It’s always a great honor to receive such recognition, but perhaps even more so on the eve of DestinAsian’s 15th anniversary. I can’t think of a timelier reaffirmation of our position as the region’s leading luxury travel magazine.”

"The Life Aquatic", from the February/March 2015 issue

“The Life Aquatic”, from the February/March 2015 issue

"First Footprints", from the April/May 2015 issue

“First Footprints”, from the April/May 2015 issue

About DestinAsian:
Established in 2001, DestinAsian is an award-winning travel and lifestyle magazine in the Asia-Pacific region with a print run of 35,300 copies and a readership of 106,000 per edition. DestinAsian is distributed in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Through its website,, its evocative travel writing and stunning photos reach tens of thousands more around the globe. DestinAsian not only provides holiday destinations in a fresh, new light—by way of beautifully executed feature articles and insider updates—but it is also the ultimate resource for those who like to travel, and travel in style. The DestinAsian Media Group began operations in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2001 and apart from DestinAsian itself, now publishes several lifestyle publications including DestinAsian Indonesia, Prestige Indonesia, JOY Indonesia, and DA MAN.

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