Did You Know You Can Island-Hop in Croatia Via UberBOAT?

With its multitude of magnificent islands, the best way to explore Croatia is via boat.

Photo: Uber

Croatia, home to more 1,244 scenic islands and more than 1,609 kilometers of coastline, is best explored by boat.

But if researching about the schedules of yacht charters and public ferries leave you frazzled, there’s a much easier optionUberBOAT.

Think of it as the friendly, seafaring version of the popular ride-hailing app, with customizations aplenty.

Visitors to the Croatian coast can simply book the boats through the Uber app by means of a straight-forward point-to-point trip or an “adventure” which allows them to rent both craft and crew for a cruising trip where destination and duration can be decided on a whim.

Plus, the captain of an UberBOAT stays with the passengers for as long as they want, leaving them to visit the islands at leisure, enjoy sightseeing, sample local cuisine, and shop for souvenirs.

Launched last year, the service has been especially popular at the places including Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik.

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