Dream Cruises Brings Japan to Singapore

Until September 18, Super Seacation voyages from the Lion City will spotlight the culture and food of a favorite Asian travel destination.

Make-believe torii gates aboard World Dream. (All photos courtesy of Dream Cruises)

While a trip to Japan may not yet be on the cards for travel-starved Singapore residents, Dream Cruises is now running Japanese-themed sailings aboard World Dream packed with special events, temporary attractions, and culinary offerings that will make guests feel as though they’ve been transported to the Land of the Rising Sun.

To give voyagers the impression of traveling to the countryside of Hokkaido, Dream Cruises has planted a 111-square-meter (1,200-square-feet) lavender field on an outdoor pool deck. After taking photos for Instagram, guests can complete the experience by enjoying a lavender spa treatment at the Crystal Life Spa and creating lavender sachets and crepe paper lavender bouquets as souvenirs from the trip.

The Hokkaido lavender field on the pool deck of World Dream.

Okinawa wagyu will be featured on the menus of the vessel’s specialty restaurants.

Cruise passengers should not miss World Dream’s representation of the famous vermilion torii gates at Fushimi Inari-Taisha in Kyoto. Dream Cruises will encourage guests to learn more about the Geisha culture that originated in the former Japanese imperial capital via Geisha make-up tutorials and classes in making traditional hair ornaments. Passengers can look forward to live entertainment with parasol dance performances and fashion shows that put the spotlight on traditional Japanese attire. Guests will also have the chance to indulge in Osakan delicacies at The Lido and Uji matcha desserts at the Lobby Café.

Meanwhile, Dream Cruises will be bringing touches of Okinawa through origami and star-sand bottle-making sessions, as well as Bingata dye craft workshops suitable for all ages; Okinawa Wagyu beef and delicacies from Kyushu will also grace the menus at the ship’s specialty restaurants. Dream Cruises is inviting manga and anime enthusiasts to dress up as their favorite characters for its cosplay video game challenge, while manga lovers will have the chance to create their own comics through a manga drawing class.

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Japan-themed cruise entertainment on board.

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