Easy Travel with AirAsia’s Asean Pass

What the European rail passes offer for ground transportation throughout Europe, the AirAsia Asean Pass and AirAsia Asean Pass+ offer for air transportation throughout Southeast Asia. The Malaysian airline now provides a convenient and affordable way to travel throughout the 10 Asean countries, and the way it works is simple: instead of using money to pay for flights, passengers can acquire seats by redeeming credits that come loaded onto either one of the airline’s “passes.” Because flights are valued according to credits (one credit for flights under two hours, three credits for flights two hours or more), passengers can lock in flights to more than 148 routes at a fixed “price” instead of dealing with foreign exchange rates. Available on the airline’s website, the AirAsia Asean Pass comes with 10 credits for US$137, while the AirAsia Asean Pass+ comes with 20 credits for US$244, which are redeemable for travel with AirAsia Malaysia, Thai AirAsia, AirAsia Indonesia, and Philippines AirAsia to Asean destinations only. No processing fees apply, but airport charges/tax and other fees will be payable separately. The passes can also be purchased as a gift for another traveler.

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