Watch: The Dazzling Field of Light Uluru

Field of Light Uluru will continue to dazzle travelers for another season, until March 31, 2018. Conceptualized by British artist Bruce Munro, the Ayers Rock installation consists of 50,000 solar-powered stems covered with bright-frosted glass spheres. Dubbed as “beguiling” and “uplifting” by critics, Munro’s largest work to date attracted almost 120,000 guests during its first season.

The exhibition, titled “Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku” (Pitjantjatjara for “looking at lots of beautiful lights”), was inspired by Munro’s first trip to Uluru. Along with his partner, he went to see Ayers Rock after being encouraged by Australian friends who have never seen it. It encouraged him to sketch the installation, which was then created in six weeks by 40 people.

Field of Light_0X0A0370

The installation has been described as “art you can feel.” Photo courtesy of Ayers Rock Resort.

Commissioned with the objective of attracting more Chinese tourists, the installation covers an area the size of four football fields. It was also created to discourage visitors from climbing the rock, which is considered sacred by the Pitjantjatjara. The tribe believes that ancestral spirits made the sandstone formation.

Field of Light_0X0A1242

According to its artist, the Field of Light is “an expression of connection.” Photo courtesy of Ayers Rock Resort.

Adventurous visitors can travel to the site via a helicopter or a camel. A three-course dining experience, with a short talk about the installation, is also available for booking.

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