Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Welcomes 3-Michelin Starred Sushi Saito

Helmed by chef Takashi Saito, the famed sushi restaurant from Tokyo opens its first international outpost.

Photo: Sushi Saito

Sushi Saito, one of Japan’s most venerated sushi restaurants, has opened its first international outpost at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

For the uninitiated, the restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2009 and currently takes 26th place on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list.

For chef Takashi Saito, Hong Kong was a natural choice when looking to expand beyond Japan.

Photo: Sushi Saito

He said: “I always had a strong attachment to Hong Kong – the energy, the vibrancy, the multi-cultural experience and with no doubt, the amazing food. Hong Kong is definitely the best place to meet food lovers who appreciate the beauty of our dedication, while it also serves as a perfect channel for reaching out to the world about a truly authentic sushi experience.”

Known for his attention to detail and expertise in Edomae-style sushi, the legendary chef personally selects the freshest produce to be flown into Hong Kong in time for lunch service each day.

As such, diners can expect to enjoy dishes made from ingredients identical to what is being served in Saito’s Tokyo establishment, from the signature mild red vinegar to the soy sauce and even rice.

Leading the Hong Kong location is 29-year-old chef Ikuya Kobayashi, who has worked at Sushi Saito Tokyo for more than eight years.

As expected, booking enquiries have gone through the roof since news of the restaurant was first announced. In response to the demand, priority reservations for the next six months are exclusively available to regular guests of GLOBAL LINK restaurants (Tenku RyuGin, Ta Vie 旅, and La Bombance) and Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

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