Game On with Air France

For those who spent their childhood (or adulthood) wrapped up in video games, the years of developing that hand-eye coordination may finally pay off when traveling with Air France. Last September, to celebrate their new cabins on selected routes in Asia, the airline held an event in Japan and Singapore where passengers, right before boarding, were invited to play Cloud Slicer, a real-time mobile game developed specifically for the occasion. Top scorers were instantly upgraded to business-class. Due to its overwhelming success, Air France has decided to hold a similar contest for passengers on selected Paris-bound flights from Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong. The airline will hold two rounds of competitions, one ending on January 31 and the other on February 27, during which three passengers from each round stand the chance to win free upgrades for their flight, for a grand total of 6 winners from each country. China (including Hong Kong), however, will only give out two upgrades. The contest is only open to ticket holders who will travel between February 15 and December 31 and is based on seat availability on the travel date. Even if you’re not traveling, the game is available for free download for anyone who wishes to play.

For more information, visit Air France. 


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