Guardians of the Galaxy Invade Disney California

Attention kids and kids-at-heart! You can join Rocket Raccoon as he sets out to free his gang at Disney California Adventure Park’s new ride: “Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: BREAKOUT!” The ride will open on May 27 at what used to be the much-loved Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The former lobby of the spooky ride has been turned into a museum of The Collector, a character in the Marvel film and the keeper of the most impressive collection of souvenirs and relics from across the universe. The ride’s backstory goes that his towering, chaotic citadel hides his most prized treasure—the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Artist’s sketch of the Guardians in The Collector’s fortress. Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel.

After Rocket sets himself free from The Collector’s clutches, he will enlist the help of the park’s guests to embark on an adventure-filled mission to free the other Guardians. The ride will feature astounding special effects, popular characters from the movie, music from its 70s-themed pop/rock soundtrack, and thrilling drops that Disney says will leave guests screaming their lungs out.


New props will be put on display inside The Collector’s fortress every week. Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel.

Guests can look forward to seeing props from Marvel’s films and television shows inside the Collector’s museum, such as Rocket’s gun and Asgardian weaponry.

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