Gucci Has Opened its First Restaurant in Florence, Italy

The complex will also feature a stunning museum and boutique dedicated to all things Gucci.

Photo: Gucci

The relationship between food and fashion runs far deeper than alliterative appeal—both involve the willingness to experiment, a curation of materials (fabrics or ingredients), and inspiration drawn from its time and place in society.

That’s why it’s no surprise that luxury labels are no longer content with high-end boutiques displaying the latest collection. Shopping is now a full-fledged experience that delights all the senses, as evident from Tiffany & Co’s Blue Box Café or Chanel’s pop-up Coco Café.

Gucci is the latest brand to hop onto this multi-concept bandwagon with the launch of Gucci Garden, a refurbishment of its Gucci Museo building in Florence, Italy.

Located at the Palazzo della Mercanzia between the Piazza della Signoria and the Piazza di San Firenze, the brand-new complex is home to not only a restaurant, but also a museum and boutique.

Photo: Gucci

To kickstart your immersive experience, head to the 50-seater Gucci Osteria restaurant, which is run by three-Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.

Diners will able to feast on modern Italian creations like tortellini stuffed with Parmesan cheese, mushroom risotto, and taka buns filled with pork belly and lacquered with balsamic and miso.

Care for an afternoon tea break in between your shopping? Order the photogenic Gucci cappuccino and stir in some sugar cubes emblazoned with the Gucci logo.

Photo: Gucci

Museum aficionados can also expect to see collections dating back to the House’s Florentine origins in 1921 at the Gucci Garden Galleria exhibition rooms curated by fashion critic Maria Luisa Frisa.

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