A Singaporean’s Guide to the City’s Best Desserts

When in the Lion City, be sure to indulge your sweet tooth with some ice cream, cakes, and molten lava cookies.

Photo: Sunday Folks

1. Sunday Folks

Every day feels like a laid-back Sunday when you’re at Sunday Folks, a charming café known for its handcrafted desserts including freshly churned ice cream, Belgian waffles, cakes, as well as artisan teas and specialty coffees. Don’t leave without trying the signature waffle served with sea salt gula melaka ice cream, that’s best enjoyed with toppings like Japanese dango and earl grey marshmallows.

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Photo: Curious Palette

2. Curious Palette

The sister cafe of local café Strangers Reunion, Curious Palette is the place to be for hearty brunch dishes and tasty desserts. Come for the very photogenic berry ricotta hotcake, which is crusty on the outside, fluffy within, topped with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream, and garnished with flowers. The homemade cakes and pastries are also worth a try.

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Photo: Antoinette

3. Antoinette

Named after the last queen of France who had a taste for lavishly crafted pastries, Antoinette is a homegrown pâtisserie which serves consistently good classic French desserts and savory treats. Try Antoinette’s pasta dishes, buttery croissants, and sink your teeth into cakes like the Orient, which comes with salted egg creameux and salted peanut sesame praline.

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Photo: Kooks Creamery

4. Kooks Creamery

This nondescript neighborhood café was first catapulted to fame when word got around about its delicious molten lava cookies. Each soft and chewy cookie is baked fresh to order and spews warm and molten chocolate upon being topped with a large scoop of handmade ice cream. Don’t say we didn’t warn you—keep the paper napkins at the ready.

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Photo: Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee

5. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee

Possibly one of the city’s best places to enjoy ice cream, Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee serves an array of its handmade frozen fare in flavors that range from the comforting to the unusual. We recommend the peanut butter and jelly ice cream, as well as the refreshing acai banana sorbet—both of which are especially delightful with a side of crispy waffles.

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