Here’s What to Expect at the World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park

Located in Bahrain, the new diving attraction will feature a sunken Boeing 747 plane.

Photo: Bahrain Tourism Authority

Among the most anticipated openings in the Persian Gulf this summer is the world’s largest underwater theme park—with a submerged Boeing 747 plane as one of its main attractions, no less.

Occupying more than 10 hectares in Bahrain, the theme park has been billed as the ultimate experience for diving enthusiasts. Aside from housing the largest submerged airplane in the world, the attraction will also feature a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs, as well as various sculptures that have been designed to aid coral and marine growth.

While concerns from environmentalists have been raised regarding the sunken plane, the park claims that sinking the plane will not damage the ecosystem. Precautions taken include the aircraft being subjected to a high-pressure wash with bio-friendly detergents to ensure that all coatings, oil, and grime are removed.

The project hopes to attract divers as well as researchers from around the globe, who will contribute to growing data on marine ecology and biology. Last year, the U.A.E also announced plans to create the largest coral garden in the world along the coast of Fujairah.

Considered one of the friendliest Arab destinations for travelers, Bahrain is a hotbed for tourist developments including a new passenger terminal at Bahrain International Airport, upcoming Warner Bros hotels, and more.

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