Hermes Makes Five Scents For Travelers

Hermès’ customers aren’t just luxury lovers; they’re travelers, jet-setters, and explorers too—or so the house has long assumed. Its leather goods are made for heavy packing, scarves emblemize cultures far and wide, fragrances seek to bottle the scents of cities around the world. Most recently, it has launched a new—and first—collection of home scents, or parfums de la maison, that in careful consideration of their clientele, are made to travel as well.

Designed by Céline Ellena, the daughter of Hermès’ in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, the fragrances come in five scents and colors: the deep taupe Des pas sur la neige (A walk in the snow) meant to evoke the fresh wonder of a first snowfall, the celadon Temps de pluie (Rainy day), the lagoon Fenêtre ouverte (Open window) scented like a sea breeze, the pumpkin À cheval! (Saddle up!) with notes of leather and beaswax, and the sulfur and leafy Champ libre (Open field).

Each comes in three forms, which will begin selling in Hermès boutiques and select retailers in December. For the home, there are candles in matte-faceted sculptural bowls, but for hotel rooms and homes away from home, there are collapsible, scented origami paper horses that come in sets of three as well as ceramic “stones” with refillable scent-holders that can easily slip into suitcases—or pockets, for that matter—making anywhere feel like home, or at least smell like it.

For more information, visit Hermès.

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