Hermès Showcases the Art of Leather in Singapore Exhibition

In what it calls the Leather Forever exhibition, Hermès is putting its old and new collections of leather goods on display at Singapore’s Artscience Museum in Marina Bay Sands beginning October 25 to December 13. The exhibition will see craftsmen of the brand from Paris demonstrating the art of leather working by creating some of its iconic bags and will begin with a journey to the “Little Room of Wanders” in the historic Asian Civilizations Museum. Items that have become a source of inspiration to the house’s designers such as paintings, books, equestrian objects, and unusual knick knacks have been brought to the Museum from the Emile Hermès Museum in Paris  in honor of the country’s 50th independence anniversary. In addition, five kellydoll bags have been created for each decade of its independence.

For more information, visit Hermès. 

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