3 Art Events in Hong Kong this March

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One of the exhibition spaces at Art Basel Hong Kong in 2015.

Art lovers will have their eyes set on Hong Kong this month as the city prepares to welcome a busy art-filled week, with major festivals slated to take place towards the end of March. These are the three events you shouldn’t miss.

Art Basel Hong Kong

Perhaps the most notable of these events is Art Basel Hong Kong, which over the past few years have established itself as one of the region’s primary art programs, drawing some 60,000 visitors in 2015. Running from March 24 to 26, Art Basel Hong Kong will exhibit a wide range of works, with half of the participating galleries hailing from Asia and Asia Pacific and the rest coming from other parts of the world. Its Encounters sector, an exhibition of large-scale sculptures and installations, will be curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor, executive director of Artspace in Sydney, featuring works by leading artists in Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Sweden, New Zealand, Mainland China, and the United Kingdom, among others. The program will also feature a series of talks where panelists will include directors, critics, artists, and galleries dissecting a plethora of issues relevant within the art world today.

For more information, visit Art Basel Hong Kong.

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