This Asian City is the World’s Most Visited

According to Euromonitor, it welcomed 26.6 million people who spent at least a night in the city in 2017.

Photo: Pixabay

Famous for its skyscraper-studded skyline, populated urban center, and street food, Hong Kong is a major port and cosmopolitan city like no other.

According to data from research firm Euromonitor, it also kept its crown as the world’s most visited city for the ninth consecutive year—no mean feat considering competition from cities like Bangkok and London.

Despite a drop in the number of mainland Chinese visitors in 2017, the city is expected to continue benefiting from its strategic location next door.

In fact, the city welcomed 26.6 million people who spent at least a night in 2017, about 5.4 million more travelers than Bangkok, which took second place.

According to The South China Post, the city saw a significant 6.6 percent rise in visitors during China’s “Golden Week” holiday surge, a semi-annual seven-day national holiday which also sees periods of greatly heightened travel activity.

Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Ranking data considered only visitors who spent at least a night in the city and not only those transiting.

Overall, Asian cities dominated the rankings, with the region accounting for six of the top 10 most-visited cities. Bangkok came in second with 21.2 million visitors, followed by London with 19.2 million, while Singapore and Macau followed with 16.6 million and 15.4 million, respectively.

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