Hotel Clover Opens in Singapore

  • The Clover Lavish Suite.

    The Clover Lavish Suite.

  • The courtyard.

    The courtyard.

  • The Hotel Clover lounge.

    The Hotel Clover lounge.

  • The Clover Bar.

    The Clover Bar.

  • The exterior of the Clover.

    The exterior of the Clover.

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Built inside a historic cluster of buildings in Singapore’s Kampong Glam, Hotel Clover is the city-state’s newest boutique hotel. Utilizing the space of four narrow shophouses constructed before Singapore’s independence, the 27-room hotel features handpicked vintage objects, Greco-Roman columns, and Chinese walkways. White, beige, and brown serve as the muted color palette while clean lines and wood accents are the modus operandus for the design team. Natural light and air permeate the space owing to the hotel’s shophouse origins. Be forewarned that the economically designed Clover Select and Clover Single rooms contain no windows, so stick to a Plush or Lavish Suite for the best stays in the hotel. Nearby the Clover is the famed Haji Lane and surrounding Lavender and Bugis area, where pop-up shopping and aromatic biryani eateries await. The name of the area originates from ‘kampong’ meaning village and ‘glam’ for the glam trees that grow in the area. The resulting name entails cheeky modern associations that perfectly describe the historic conservation of the structure and the trendy styling of the space.

769 North Bridge Road; 65/6340-1860; Hotel Clover Website; doubles from US$250

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