Hotel Offers Free Hong Kong Wi-Fi

  • 24-hour LO Lounge.

    24-hour LO Lounge.

  • The Ovolo Seaview Suite in Aberdeen.

    The Ovolo Seaview Suite in Aberdeen.

  • The Ovolo Lounge.

    The Ovolo Lounge.

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Staying connected on-the-go is as essential as air to travelers, or at least that’s true according to the Hong Kong-based Ovolo Hotel Group’s philosophy. In line with the launch of the new Ovolo Hotel in Aberdeen this summer, all guests of the hotel group in Hong Kong will receive complimentary access to more than 9,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the territory.

“At Ovolo we have always believed that the internet is as essential to guests as air or hot water,” said Dirk Dalichau, Ovolo Group Chief Operating Officer. “The idea to extend this commitment outside of our hotels with free uncapped access to Wi-Fi hotspots across Hong Kong will allow travelers to avoid excessive roaming charges, making for huge improvements in the way they can interact globally as they travel.”

Ovolo is the first hospitality group in Hong Kong to offer unlimited access to Wi-Fi within and outside hotel property. Access is granted via a login code 24 hours before and after the full duration of guests’ stay. The HKBN Group service provides guests with fiber-optic speeds on their laptop, tablet, or mobile device in the hyper-connected Hong Kong.

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