Explore Iceland with a ‘Stopover Buddy’ from Icelandair

Considering a short diversion to Iceland during one of your travels? In a new program aptly named Stopover Buddy, Icelandair will be pairing transiting travelers with a local to take them around some of the country’s beautiful destinations and locals’ favorite hot spots—free of charge. But it’s not just any local tour guide. Travelers will find themselves paired with one of Icelandair’s very own staff throughout their stay, something the carrier promises will offer a fun, one-of-a-kind experience in exploring the country.

“Our staff are as versatile as they are many—they do all kinds of interesting activities when they’re off-duty, such as sea swimming, mountain biking, heli-skiing, cross-country running, knitting pink jumpers, and a lot more,” the airline teases on its website. “You know, quirky and eccentric stuff mixed with your usual variety of extreme sports.”

All it takes to enjoy the service is for travelers to opt for a stopover in Iceland with a maximum of seven nights without any additional airfare. This gives you enough time to immerse yourself not just in breathtaking sights but in the local culture, with a reliable insider to offer you their best insights.

For more information, visit Icelandair.

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