Inside the World’s One and Only Privately-Owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner

We can’t help but marvel at this video shot by aviation blogger Sam Chui when he took a tour of the massive private plane.

As Emirates and Singapore Airlines have demonstrated with their stunning, new first-class cabins, sky-high luxury truly has no limits.

While fully enclosed suites and bedroom-style cabins are impressive, we can’t help but wonder how it’d be like to have the whole plane to ourselves.

Thankfully, aviation blogger Sam Chui was lucky enough to land himself a tour of the world’s only private Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

While the pleasure of owning such a plane is generally reserved only for multinational commercial airlines, a Hong Kong-based jet charter business by the name of Deer Jet was able to purchase one at an estimate cost of US$300 million.

As Sam’s video of his once-in-a-lifetime visit shows, the plane has been outfitted in the style of a luxurious mansion.

According to Deer Jet, it took them more than two and a half years working in conjunction with French designer Jacques Plerrejean in order to furnish the entire plane.

Inside, you’ll find features that could rival a high-end hotel, from a private lounge to conference rooms with mahogany tables, and even a private master bedroom with a full-fledged multimedia system.

On top of that, each flight comes with a full crew of in-air stewards, along with butler service and several professional chefs who offer “7-star hospitality standards.”

Considering the 787 Dreamliner can fly for 17 hours without refueling, it looks like this privately owned jet will make the ultimate opulent party in the sky.

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