InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is World’s First Underwater Quarry Hotel

All the rooms and suites in the 61,000-square-meter hotel come with spectacular views of waterfalls from the cliffs of the surrounding Sheshan Mountain Range.

Photo: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Some hotels take pride in being perched inside skyscrapers with panoramic views–but not InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland.

Instead, the new luxury hotel is built mostly underground, boasting unusual landscape views in a deep pit of a former quarry in southwestern Shanghai.

Slated to open in the fourth quarter of 2018, the 18-story property features two floors underground and 16 above ground, including two floors underwater.

All 336 rooms and suites in the 61,000-square-meter hotel also come with balconies, allowing guests to enjoy spectacular views of manmade waterfalls from the surrounding cliffs. Other amenities include a grand ballroom and four meeting rooms.

Stretching 88 meters underground, the hotel attempts to reshape the relationship between city and nature by turning an abandoned quarry into a showcase of nature’s flora and fauna.

The property is located 28 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport and is close to attractions like Sheshan National Forest Park and Chenshan Botanic Gardens.

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