Introducing the “Happiness Season” Menu at Locavore

One of Bali’s most avant-garde restaurants wants to spread a positive message through its latest offering.

Crispy shallot, cashew sour cream, and fermented shallot powder. (All photos courtesy of Locavore)

Indonesia-based travelers planning to return to Bali in the next few months can look forward to a playful, indulgent meal at Ubud’s Locavore restaurant that captures the hopeful mood on the island. With the wet season over, talk of borders reopening in July (though the exact date is still TBA), and the local vaccine rollout ramping up in recent weeks, chef-owners Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah have channeled their optimism through Locavore’s 16-dish Happiness Season tasting menu. The dynamic duo has chosen to spotlight dry-season ingredients like mango, passion fruit, and lobster to create a menu that feels lighter and puts a spring in one’s step. “For this menu, we looked at ingredients that make people happy or that can put a smile on guests’ faces. Not only for ingredients but also for the way we present dishes,” said Plasmeijer in a statement.

Left to right: Flower Power 2.0; a dessert named “Who doesn’t love mango season?”

Left to right: Beef heart schnitzel with green garlic vinaigrette; red snapper with leeks.

Locavore’s Happiness Season menu opens with an edible bouquet of crispy nasturtium leaves on a bed of wildflowers, before progressing to battered crispy shallot coated in fermented shallot powder and served with cashew sour cream, and then Flower Power 2.0, which showcases wildflowers prepared in a dizzying number of ways: pickled, cooked, fried, made into an emulsion, turned into kombucha, and more. A surprising course is the fresh watermelon that has been slow roasted overnight and paired with cherry tomatoes brined in tomato dashi from Localab, Locavore’s dedicated R&D food laboratory and test kitchen. The watermelon takes on an unexpectedly meaty and savory flavor, while patrons who prefer real animal protein will enjoy the “schnitzel” of beef heart crusted in Localab koji (made of fermented rice) and fried in its own fat.

And for an extra dose of positivity, the restaurant’s walls and windows have been decked out with graffiti flowers and smiley faces, with crew uniforms also getting a splash of yellow. The Happiness Season tasting menu is priced at 1,250,000 IDR ++ per person, with a creative drink pairing offered for an additional 550,000 IDR++ per person. A vegetarian option is available upon request.

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Spray-painted smiley faces now adorn Locavore’s 36-seater dining room.

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