From India to Slovakia, 13 Tourism Executives Share Their Travel Picks

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Rocio Florián - resizeRocio Florián on Peru

Market specialist, PromPeru Tourism

Must Visit: Talking about world heritage sites, Machu Picchu is an amazing destination to visit. Located in the Cusco Region, it was the sanctuary of the Inca empire, and what amazes me is how this whole ancient city was constructed and is still preserved up till today. As this is considered a sanctuary, the whole energy of the place is a good way for you to connect to nature, to the mother earth, and, most of all, to your inner self.


Must Eat: Lima is a popular culinary destination in the country where you can find a growing restaurant scene with more and more establishments and chefs coming in serving cuisines from different regions, including those from the Amazons to the coast. My personal favorite dish is ceviche, a unique seafood dish which combines raw fish, lemon, onions, and chili.

Must Do: Take a 30-minute private flight over the Nazca Lines to see the ancient geoglyphs in Southern Peru, attend the colorful Fiesta de la Candelaria in Puno, or learn more about the traditions of local indigenous communities such as the Amazons.


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