Jade Massage: The Ultimate Four-hands Spa Treatment

In a world where massages can relax even the most tightly wound of bodies, there is a relatively new practice in the world that is leaving guests fully immersed in relaxation nirvana. A massage now synonymous with all  GHM hotels, the Jade Massage treatment was created and perfected by Brenda Ramen, GHM’s vice president of spas, and has become a mainstay for visitors looking for something a bit different. A massage that employs two people working in synchronized harmony, the treatment is a full-body delight, and one that has you feeling like royalty when the time comes for you to—unfortunately—get off of the massage table.

The precise synchronization between the two therapists is something that truly allows the Jade Massage to stand out from other treatments, although it is not to say that the techniques aren’t used elsewhere. Employing a number of techniques that span from Shiatsu, to Balinese massage and even to Hawaiian techniques, the treatment brings together a number of cultural approaches to this centuries-old practice of massage, making it perhaps one of the best types to get, as you get a little bit of everything—and from two people, who can complain? Palms, forearms, fingers and pressure points are all used, and guests are all the richer for it.

While the massage is thing of beauty for recipients, for therapists, this massage is one which takes considerably longer to perfect than it does for guests to enjoy. The movements and techniques aren’t necessarily complicated for an experienced therapist, but the need to be in perfect harmony with another therapist does pose its limitations, and training to reach the perfect balance can take even the most experienced of these therapists up to a month to master. At most of the GHM hotels, however, a large percentage of the staff have already gotten their wings as established Jade Massage experts, even up to entire staffs which is the case at The Legian Bali. And with the Jade massage on the rise as one of the more popular massage requests within the spa and wellness world, one is never in bad hands.

This story was originally published on GHM Journeys in partnership with DestinAsian. For more information, visit GHM Hotels

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