James Turrell Revisits Guggenheim

  • James Turrell's new installation at the Guggenheim.

    James Turrell's new installation at the Guggenheim.

  • James Turrell's Aten Reign.

    James Turrell's Aten Reign.

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The Guggenheim Museum welcomes artist James Turrell back to New York City after a 33-year absence with an exhibit and the launch of a mobile phone app. The artist hasn’t had an exhibit in the Big Apple since 1980 but makes a huge comeback with Light Art Installation. So huge in fact that the centerpiece work, Aten Reign, covers the museum’s entire rotunda. Inside the work, there are five rings of light in gradient colors. The Guggenheim said it is one of the most dramatic transformations that has ever happened in the museum. The other works in the exhibition include previous Turrell creations. The artist is best known for his encompassing installations that are based on light, color, space, and make viewers aware of their senses.

Following the Museum of Modern Art, which launched an mobile application in May of 2012, the Guggenheim has now released their own that is filled with information and exclusive content. For the Turrell exhibit, the app has background information on individual works, multiple view interviews with the artist, an interactive map, and behind-the-scenes views with the installation team. It also has information on the more than 1,200 works in the museum, kid’s guide, and a weekly events calendar.

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