Kickstarter’s Most Funded Suitcase Available for Pre-Order

Great innovations often start from personal stories. For Netta Shalgi, it was his time as a student in Finland, lugging around his suitcase to get to his dorm room across a frozen lake, that inspired him to create what has today become the most successful suitcase campaign on the fundraising website Kickstarter. Called the G-RO suitcase, Shalgi, along with a team under a company named Travel-Light, has created a luggage aimed to fill in a gap largely untapped within the travel industry: a cabin-size suitcase that is not only chic by design, but also sturdy, and is outfitted with a handful of practical features that provide solutions for travelers on the move.

One of the suitcase’s strongest feature is its all-terrain wheels. Large, lightweight, and without an axle, this pair of wheels makes the G-RO suitcase significantly lighter from others and enables travelers to easily wheel it over rugged surfaces and terrain, such as gravel, street curbs, cobblestone, snow, and even sand. While large, its wheels are  installed outside of the suitcase, leaving much space inside the dual-compartment luggage. As for its body, the Travel-Light team has ensured it is water resistant and crush-proof, using Cordura ballistic nylon and mold-injected aerospace-grade polymers.

The suitcase also comes with some extra features, such as an optional electronic module with a 23,000 mAh battery, with two USB ports and a universal power outlet that can charge up to three devices. Travelers will not only be able to lug around their laptop or gadgets, they will also be able to keep them fully charged on the go.

Launched in October, the Kickstarter campaign initially aimed to raise US$125,000, but eventually managed to raise over US$3.3 million. While funding for the product has now closed, you can still pre-order the suitcase, with prices starting at US$299.

For more information, visit Kickstarter

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