From Kyoto with Love: What Not to Do in the City

Japan’s city of Kyoto is making sure the growing number of tourists swarming its streets do so with full knowledge of its small yet often overlooked local customs by issuing a colorful, friendly guideline for travelers. Titled the “Akimahen of Kyoto,” which translates to “The Don’ts of Kyoto,” the city has laid out its etiquette guide in an amusing graphic illustration, complete with angry emoticons next to each point to mark the severity of each offense. The leaflet calls tourists out on common and basic rules—keeping toilets clean and lining up properly—to touristy mischief, such as politely advising visitors to take off their shoes before stepping on a tatami (traditional Japanese mat), reminding them not tip servers and say “okini” (thank you) instead, and to not grab maikos or traditional entertainers by their kimonos for pictures when they’re in a hurry. The guideline is part of a series of infographics created in collaboration with TripAdvisor, which are intended to provide visitors with the necessary basic information when visiting the city. In a separate poster, visitors can learn a number of interesting facts about the city, while another guide informs tourists on how to use toilets properly. All guides are available in at least four languages, including English and Chinese.

For more information, visit Kyoto City.

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