Louis Vuitton to Release Mobile City Guide

French fashion house Louis Vuitton in November will be launching a mobile app for travelers it calls the Louis Vuitton City Guide. The app, which is a complement to their City Guide books, published since 1998, provides information on the best places to visit in up to 25 cities around the world, with interactive links and localization to allow for a more personalized experience. Travelers can also enjoy themed walking tours courtesy of the app, where they will be filled in on historical and architectural details of each place. In addition to that, a special feature will have a local celebrity or other public figures offer his or her take on each city. For those thinking of new ways to write home, the app also allows users to create postcards using their own photos or photos from the guide’s gallery, making keeping in touch with friends and loved ones during the trip a fun experience. The Louis Vuitton City Guide app will be available in the App Store for US$9.99.

For more information, visit Louis Vuitton.

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