Lufthansa Unveils New Blue and White Livery

The iconic crane stays as the airline launches a stylish “Lufthansa Blue” design.

The new livery.

Clean, sleek, yet undeniably chic. That’s what some aviation fans have declared upon seeing the highly anticipated livery from Lufthansa.

The new livery.

Revealed after weeks of speculation, the new design has dropped the yellow hue in favor of a new “Lufthansa Blue” look.

The new livery.

The iconic 100-year-old crane logo remains on the tail, while the rest of the plane’s exterior is painted in blue and white.

The current livery.

This new livery was announced to the media at an event in Cape Town, hosted by CEO Carsten Spohr.

According to aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth, Spohr was quoted saying that “repainting 330 aircraft takes eight years” and that “40 aircraft will have blue fins at the end of the year.”

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