Marrakech’s Finest Crafts at El Fenn’s New Shop

Established by Vanessa Branson in 2003, boutique hotel El Fenn has since become a popular stay in Marrakech for its unique room and use of desirable crafts and art pieces throughout its space. From hand-woven kilim blankets to modern Berber carpet by renown rug seller Soufiane Zarib, guests can now bring home items in the property’s elegant rooms after the hotel opened late last year a gift shop that features a selection of goods co-curated by American photographer Paul Rowland, former president of Ford models agency. Other items available also include pieces commissioned from local souks such as linen and ceramics, along with vintage jewelry, clothing items by the cult Paris label Theirry Colson, as well as leather caftans and djellebas by Rowland.

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