MasterCard Reveals Top Destinations

  • Bangkok edges out London as the world's most visited city.

    Bangkok edges out London as the world's most visited city.

  • Tourists flock to Bangkok's many temples.

    Tourists flock to Bangkok's many temples.

  • Two monks idle street-side in the world's most visited city.

    Two monks idle street-side in the world's most visited city.

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Bangkok has edged London out as the world’s top travel destination in the world, according to a survey by MasterCard Worldwide Insights. The survey, first launched in 2010, uses 12-month passenger capacity and flight frequency data to calculate the results. United Nations Trade in Service database is also used to calculate travel expenditures by visitors.

Bangkok’s ranking indicates the first time an Asian country has nabbed the top spot. Rounding out the top five are Paris, Singapore and New York. Paris remains third, but is the only destination city among the top 20 that shows a decline in the estimated number of international visitor arrivals. In contrast, Istanbul, Dubai and Bangkok show the strongest growth.

The study also calculates destinations by region, tallying spending for top travel spots. MasterCard has calculated hospitality, transport and food service as the top beneficiaries of international tourism. The new list highlights international tourism hotspots, and a number of rising destinations, the perfect resource to scour before your next holiday.


1 Bangkok 15.98 mil
2 London 15.96 mil
3 Paris 13.92 mil
4 Singapore 11.75 mil
5 New York 11.52 mil
6 Istanbul 10.37 mil
7 Dubai 9.89 mil
8 Kuala Lumpur 9.20 mil
9 Hong Kong 8.72 mil
10 Barcelona 8.41 mil

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