Muji Hotel Is Coming To A City Near You

The design-centric Japanese retail brand has revealed plans to build more branded hotels.


Muji, with its zen-like designs and Japanese sensibilities, is a favourite among millenials.

And this is no surprise considering that at the heart of its furniture design is the concept of “Chodo-Yoi”, which is the notion of seeking the ‘just right balance’ between quality and price.

Fans of the brand’s lifestyle products and apparel will be delighted to know that they’ve revealed plans to build two other branded hotel branches in China.

This news came soon after they announced plans to open a Muji Hotel in Tokyo’s popular shopping district, Ginza.

The hotel in Southeastern Chinese city Shenzhen will launch officially on January 18, 2018 while the Beijing branch is slated to open its doors come March 20, 2018.

Photo: Muji

The previously-teased Ginza location will commence business in Spring 2019, where guests can expect to stay in clutter-free rooms furnished with thoughtfully-designed products.

Meanwhile, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more Muji Hotels to be announced in other cities.

For more updates, head to Muji’s website.

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